Personal effects moved from Haapsalu, Estonia to Manila, Philippines

Helped private person couple to move from Estonia to the Philippines (Manila):

  • Our representative has checked all goods before pick-up at Haapsalu
  • Door pick-up together with our loading arranged from Haapsalu to our Tallinn warehouse
  • In Tallinn was made repacking / palletizing and then loading into 20’ft container was arranged
  • Sea freight to Manila and door delivery was arranged

Transport of drilling machine Fundex F12SE from Goes, NL up to port Paldiski, EST

Parts and drilling machine transport from Netherlands to Paldiski. Our part was:

  • Spare parts were transported with 2 full trailers (by road transport) from Netherlands to Estonia
  • Drilling machine main body transport was arranged combined road and sea transport modes
  • Road transport up to port Antwerp and then loaded on vessel and RoRo transport up to port Paldiski
  • Drilling machine main body dimensions and weight: 26,50 m x 3,50 m x 3,70 м (LxWxH) / 52 ton
  • Boom: 21,00 m x 0,45 m x 0,51 м (LxWxH) / 3,5 ton
  • hydraulics: 4,2 m x 1,65 m x 2,80 м (LxWxH) / 9 ton

Vessel lifeboat transport Werkendam, Netherlands to Cadiz, Spain

We were asked for assistance for urgent delivery of lifeboat from Netherlands to port Cadiz were vessel was waiting for lifeboat.

All went smoothly and lifeboat was delivered on vessel.

Vessel parts transported to shipbuilding factory in Busan, Korea.

Parts were packed into plywood crate with dimensions 4000 x 2840 x 2240 mm (LxWxH). Weight of 1 crate was 7000 kg.
Arrangements done by ScanMarine:

  • Crates transported from factory to our terminal
  • Loading / lashing on 1 x 40’FR container and we have added waterproof cover to the crates
  • Loaded container was delivered to port (road permissions arranged)

Drilling machine engine transported to Cartagena, Colombia.

  • Transport was arranged EXW Riga, Latvia
  • Engine was transported to our terminal in Riga and packed into wooden crate to ensure no damaged will happen during sea transport
  • ScanMarine arranged transport (part load – LCL) Riga, Latvia up to terminal Cartagena, Colombia

Drilling machine transport from Paldiski, Estonia to Casablanca, Morocco (RoRo transport)

Shipped was drilling machine main body plus parts loaded into 1 x 20’DC and 1 x 40’DC.

  • Loading port was Paldiski, Estonia
  • Drilling machine had a lot of additional equipment and it was shipped in containers (so called shippers own containers which were bought)
  • Machine and containers were loaded on the same RoRo vessel (one Bill of lading covering all the cargo transport)
  • Machine dimensions and weight: 23,82 m x 3,0 m x 3,47 м (LxWxH) / 76 tonni

Conveyor transport to Netherlands

Project shipment which was done October / November 2016:

  • Road transport with 8 full trailers to Moerdijk, Netherlands
  • Additionally there was 4 bigger units which we partly transported by sea to avoid high costs for road permissions
  • 4 bigger units we shipped by RoRo vessel (loaded on mafi trailers) from Paldiski, Estonia to Antwerp, Belgium and from there by road transport to Moerdijk

Cargo had to arrive to Moerdijk “on time” because old conveyor was taken into parts and new conveyor had to go operational on due time.

Every day delay would cost to client EUR 20’000.

All went smoothly and accordingly to the client plans.

Building machine transport Tallinn, Estonia to Colon, Panama

Arrangements done:

  • Loading and lashing done by shipper
  • Wooden material used has heat treated and suitable for transport
  • ScanMarine arranged transport Tallinn to Hamburg by road transport
  • From Hamburg machine loaded into consolidated container and shipped as LCL to Colon, Panama
  • Also arranged all customs formalities

Glass scrap transport from Estonia to India and final delivery by railway

Glass scrap (packed into big-bags) transport to India:

  • Container transport using “side loader” trailer to client premises for loading
  • Sea transport to port Nhava Sheva, India
  • Final delivery from Nhava Sheva port to container terminal in Agra (ICD Agra)

RoRo transport port Harwich, UK to port Paldiski, Estonia

Transport of environmental metal separation machine (HOGMAG EDDY) from UK to Estonia::

  • Transport mode chosen was RoRo transport and cargo was loaded on 20 feet mafi trailer
  • Before shipping lifting / lashing mode was approved with customer (additional lifting points were welded by seller)
  • Sea freight arranged on RoRo vessel from Harwich to Paldiski
  • Machine picked-up from port of Paldiski by consignee

RoRo transport from port Kapellskär, Sweden to port Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

From ScanMarine were ordered following services:

  • Sea freight on RoRo vessel Kapellskär >>> Paldiski (all crane additional parts loaded on the crane)
  • In port of Paldiski additional parts (jib parts and counterweights) unloaded from the crane
  • Counter weights loaded in 1 x 20’open top container
  • Loading and lashing of goods into container arranged as per safe shipping regulations
  • Export customs clearance
  • Sea freight on container vessel TALLINN >>> JEDDAH
  • Crane was shipped separately on RoRo vessel from PALDISKI >>> JEDDAH
  • All cargo arrived to Jeddah at the same time (RoRo vessel with crane arrived 1 day later then container with parts)

SHIPMENT SUMMARY: crane weight loaded on RoRo vessel was 60 tons and container with additional parts weighted 24,3 tons.

Conveyor transported from Estonia to factory building site in Scotland

Overview about our services provided:

  • Road transport with 3 trailers from Estonia to Scotland
  • Client special request was that cargo has to arrive to Scotland on exactly agreed time and we managed to be there as was agreed
  • Although transport of this cargo loaded into containers with using sea transport was cheaper client ordered road transport
  • Main reason for using road transport was point that it’s much more difficult to load such cargo into normal containers (risk of damage during loading)
  • Other reason for using road transport was transit time to Scotland and road transport was around 1 week faster
  • Additionally we arranged cargo insurance for this shipment

Transport of compressor and parts from Buffalo, USA to door Ust-Kut, Russia

ScanMarine arranged following services:

  • Airfreight Buffalo, USA – Tallinn, Estonia (via Rotterdam, NL) arranged by shipper
  • ScanMarine arranged change of owner and transit formalities in Tallinn
  • As per client request 40’SOC unit bought in Estonia and cargo loaded into container
  • Final delivery to Ust-Kut, Russia by road transport cargo loaded into the container

Transport of engine from Itapoa, Brasil to door Ust-Kut, Russia

ScanMarine arranged following services:

  • Transport Itapoa, Brasil – Tallinn, Estonia (we used 20 feet open top container)
  • Unloading from container and temporary storage in Estonia (customs warehouse)
  • After final confirmation that consignee is ready to receive engine with parts we arranged transit formalities and change of owner in customs warehouse
  • Final delivery to door Ust-Kut, Russia arranged by road transport

Transport of air cooler exchanger and parts

ScanMarine arranged following services:

  • Road transport Door Oklahoma, USA to the terminal in Houston, USA
  • Repacking of goods into seaworthy packing (also shrink wrapping) in Houston terminal
  • All factory packing material was removed as per client requirement and repacking as per client instructions
  • Cargo inspection in terminal and every single item was weighted / counted
  • As per inspection results new packing list issued
  • Marking, labelling and cargo lifting/handling instructions worked out
  • Final survey and packing quality control
  • Smaller parts loaded into 2 x 40’HC (equipment bought by ScanMarine)
  • Loading on B/B vessel and sea freight HOUSTON – ST. PETERSBURG

CARGO DETAILS: 7 items + 2 x 40’ containers with parts /105 t & 345 m3

Railway transport of ATLAS COPCO drilling machine PALDISKI, Estonia – ALMATY, Kazakhstan

Services ordered from ScanMarine:

  • Cargo origin Sweden and arrived with RoRo vessel to Paldiski
  • Handling and receiving in Paldiski port
  • Loading and lashing plan confirmed by railway authorities
  • Loading, lashing and securing operations
  • RWB and other railway documentation
  • Transit formalities
  • Transport of Atlas Copco drilling unit from Paldiski, EST to Almata, KAZ